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ill titleCourse/Coursing:

Course/Coursing: To hunt or pursue game, to cause (dogs)to run (as after game). A sport followed by people as early or as earlier than classical Greek times. Much enjoyed by English nobility and upper classes in the last few centuries.

Weird RabbitIn the late 1960's, Lyle Gillette and other coursing people developed (artificial) Lure Coursing in the United States. This was an approximation of Live Coursing. Intrigued by the development of formalized lure coursing in the western United States, Jeffrey and Heather Loube and an American friend drove from Victoria to Denver in the fall of 1975 to enter one of the Loube Afghan hounds in the first Grand National Lure Course. On their return to Canada, they placed a newspaper advertisement to see who else might be interested in forming a "lure coursing club" closer to home. Tony and Helena James, newly arrived from England with their Ringdove Whippets, and Deerhound owner,Clio Matheson, were among those who answered. A drag machine was built by a high school auto mechanics class whose teacher happened to own an Afghan Hound and a small group of enthusiasts began to meet regularly to practice a local park.