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Ontario Lure Coursing Association

And now for some important information about running a field trial

You can make a difference, even if you can help out for an hour or so.. Easy ways to volunteer at a lure coursing field trail (and you don't even have to be an OLCA member):

Field Setup:

Field Clerk Runner: Lure Operator: Lunch: Practice: Fundraiser:


Everyone will appreciate your efforts, and the trial will run more smoothly

For information on coursing and Ontario Lure Coursing Association
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Ontario Lure Coursing Association originally consisted of a group of people who got together in the late 70's to have fun when lure coursing was being developed as a sport for sighthounds.

In 1979 the first official trials were run on June 16th & 17th at Coldcreek Conservation area in Bolton, North of Toronto. These trials were held under the auspices of CSFA, (Canadian Sighthound Field Association) which was the governing body for lure coursing in Canada at that time.

On Saturday the entry was made up of 8 Afghans, 6 Borzois, 1 Scottish Deerhound, 1 Greyhound, 5 Salukis, 16 Whippets and 4 Irish Wolfhounds (total 45 Hounds). The Sunday trial was bigger as there were 3 Afghans and 2 Borzois added. There was one less Whippet entered so the total number of hounds was 49. As was usual for any club starting up the first time in lure coursing the result was a big financial loss to the members of $432.88, however the trials were successful

The club became inactive for a few years but then started holding trials again in 1983.

OLCA currently holds trials 4 times a year. A Spring Trial (2 days) a one day trial in conjunction with Lake Country Lure Coursers (an ASFA Club). One Weekend is in New Liskeard in August in Northern Ontario (6 hours North of Toronto) and we finish up the year on Thanksgiving with 3 trials and an amazing pot luck dinner.